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Accentuation specializes in LED kitchen lighting, accent border lighting, closets, cabinets, rec room and man caves, landscaping, pools and fountains in addition to whatever your imagingation can come up with.


As a business owner, keeping your operational expenses down while promoting an environment that is best for your company and your clients is crucial. Accentuation LED Lighting can help you make it happen.


Accentuation clients are our most creative design experts because they can visualize the LED lighting ideas we can only begin to imagine. Accentuation loves to make these ideas come true.

 Your Surroundings

Accentuation Testimonials


​"What started out as a simple project to add accent lighting to my kitchen but by the time the kitchen was complete, I had a whole list of more ideas. Thanks to Accentuation, almost every idea was within my reach! From the creative ideas and unique designs they gave us to making our own ideas come true, they just made everything perfect! We love it!"


R. Wellington, Bradford, IN

"After finally buying my own cafe, I knew that I would have to do more than a facelift. What I never expected was the difference it would make to add LED accent lighting. Accentuation aced this one! This is the best led lighting ideas I have ever seen! Highly recommended."


S. Vincent, Lake Forest, IL

​"During last winter I decided to enhance the lighting on my new boat, especially since it was in drydock, and the typical dome light configurations it came with just wasn't cutting it, and I wanted a change. What I did not expect was the excellent consultation, creative thinking and professional installation that came with the most unique lighting I had ever invisioned. My boat now looks like a custom yacht! Accentuation is the best!"


J. Gomez, Fox Lake, IL

​"A friend recently recommended Accentuation when I decided to change the lighting for my bakery displays. I cannot be happier with the results, the pricing and the great customer service. Kudos."


G. Stefanski, Lincolnshire, IL

​"I highly recommend Accentuation for all your LED lighting needs."


F. Nelson, Chicago, IL

Accentuate Your Surroundings.....

The Accentuation Way

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